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Introducing Sendo in London

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

The wait is finally over! Sendo has launched in London!

Introducing the UK's first logistics company specialising in reverse e-commerce. In a world of same-day deliveries, and groceries at your door in 10 minutes, Sendo are here to take out the trash.

“Before Sendo I would just end up keeping the clothes that didn't fit and gifting them to family and friends. Now I just book Sendo to sort everything I don't want and they take care of everything.”

Sendo sorts everything you don't want to ensure that you get a refund, without you lifting a finger. We will collect, repackage, and return all of your unwanted shopping for you - all you have to do is book!

Using Sendo

Book online and one of our Sendo saviours will come by and collect the parcel for you and deliver it safely.

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